Spring is Coming!

The weather has been mild and it seems like spring is coming. It is half term week and I have already taken four walks along the Jurassic Coast. I would normally head east but due to the large amount of shingle on the beach, I have taken the groups to the west.

My hunch seems to have worked. We have found ammonites and a couple of crinoids blocks. There is a vast amount of material spilling onto the beach below Stonebarrow and several deep mud flows.  On Sunday, I walked over a thin surface of sand and sank into the mud. I extracted my boot from the clawing clay. I hobbled up and down the beach, trying to put my foot back into the wet soggy mud covered boot.

In the last couple of days the Coastguard has been called out to one person stranded by the tide and another who became stuck in the mud.

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