Ludwigia murchisonae
Lytoceras Lower Lias
Lytoceras Lower Lias

Nigel Clarke

Nigel is an established author and publisher with numerous publications about the Jurassic coast. He regularly contributes to magazines and to journals. In recent years he has appeared on both the BBC and ITV talking about the Jurassic coast. Nigel is a former member of the local Marine Coastguard team, RNLI and also an expert on the local shipwrecks found in Lyme Bay. Nigel also undertakes public lectures and talks on subjects relating to the Jurassic coast and the local shipwrecks.

Due to the increased demand for fossil hunting walks, Nigel now has the service of two other guides, both are well qualified with much experience.

James Thomas

James is an award winning retired local teacher, a former coxswain of Lyme Regis Life Boat and former Lyme Regis Coast Guard. James has a wide knowledge of the geology and fossils of the Jurassic coast and has taken many field trips exploring the geography of the area. He has studied the Jurassic coast in great depth and is passionate about geography and the geology of the area.

James Carrol

James is a local leading palaeontologist and has extensive knowledge of the beaches and the fossils to be found in the cliffs and ledges of the Jurassic coast. He has a huge collection of locally found fossils and is a professional restorer and preparer of fossils. James spends many hours searching and scouring the cliffs for fossils. His ability to crack a stone with just a few blows of a hammer is amazing.  At home, James has a huge pet lizard which looks similar to a small dinosaur. If you would like any of your finds cleaned please contact James. He has a workshop/laboratory for the professional cleaning and prepping of fossils.

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