Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently questions and answers

Can I keep any fossils I find?

Any fossil found on the beach are yours to keep. The fossils found on the shore do not last. The next storm or crashing sea can destroy them. If an interesting or rare specimen is found then I would encourage you to take the fossil to the Lyme Regis Museum where the fossil will be photographed and recorded. In exceptional cases the details are forwarded to The Natural History Museum in London. Many such finds have been donated to the local and national collections.

Can I bring my dog?

If you intend to bring a dog please let me know as certain parts of the shoreline have restrictions and I can re-arrange the fossil hunting walk.

How long is the guided fossil walk?

A fossil hunting walk will last about 2 hours, although you can remain on the beach after the walk, to continue hunting.

Do I need a hammer?

You are welcome to bring a hammer but most of the fossils can be found on the beach without the need of one.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash at the beginning of the walk.  We are unable to take credit card payments due to wifi facilities not always being available during a walk.

What footwear should I wear?

The best footwear is a trainer or walking boot. Please do not wear open toe sandals or flip flops, as in some places there are sharp stones and flints.

From where do we start?

For Charmouth walks, we meet by the wooden pedestrian bridge that is at the bottom of the large car park, on the left as you drive down to the beach at Charmouth

In Lyme Regis, the fossil walks start at the “old sea anchor” monument at the bottom of the town, next to the town clock. 

I have poor mobility. Can I still attend?

Please let me know if you have a mobility issue. The walking distance is about 1.5 miles but I go at a very slow pace. The beach is not ideal for wheel chairs. The initial 25 minute introductory talk is near the car park with perfect access for those of limited movement.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring some bags to put your finds in. During the summer a hat and some sun cream and a cold drink. A water proof coat (if the weather is showery). A chocolate bar, to attract the ammonites (or the guide, if no ammonites are seen)!

Is the fossil walk suitable for children?

We try to make the fossil walk interesting for all ages and all abilities.

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