I have not updated this section for ages. We have been very busy taking clients out onto the beaches of Lyme Regis and Charmouth. The Autumn had relentless storms and the cold weather seemed to go on for ages. There are always plenty of fossils to be found on the beach and every tide seems to unearth new finds in the shingle. I have been busy on the beach to the east of Lyme Regis.

About ten minutes to the east of Lyme Regis,  on this beach, you will come across a large mud fall. Above this area was once the old Lyme Regis  rubbish tip. You can tell you are near it due to the large amounts of metal to be found on the shoreline. When this slide first occurred, about 9 years ago. among the debris and in the mud were old bottles and fossils. A great combination to combine an interest  paleontology and archaeology.

I have found numerous ammonites in this area but my best find was a silver candle stick and a piece of silver with the hallmarks of the “Toronto Silver Company”. On research I found out this company ceased to trade in 1910.

The Charmouth Heritage Centre has some amazing local finds on display and recently opened a new display of a recently found Plesiosaur. The Heritage Centre is staffed by volunteers and has a free entry and is worth a visit.


Nigel (May 2023)