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The cost
£85 for any groups of up to 10 people.
Walks last two hours,but I can do a shorter walk if required.
(For larger groups please contact me)

Where do the walks start from
Walks start from either Lyme Regis or Charmouth.

Special Walks
If you require a walk which includes more history about Mary Anning or a visit to the "Ammmonite Graveyard" and the town of Lyme Regis  then please let me know.
I can also arrange a start from a restaurant or cafe where a meal or coffee can be arranged before or after the walk.

Traveling by Train
(If you are arriving by train a taxi can pick up from Axminster Railway Station. There are regular trains from London-Waterloo station)

Educational, Student & Large Groups
I regularly take out large groups. I give a talk about the local geology, the rocks and the minerals and provide a fossil identification chart and a small booklet about Mary Anning.
Walks from Lyme Regis can be structured to include the local Aquarium and a visit to the the ammonite pavement. The cost of just the fossil walk and talk is £4. per student   with a minimum booking fee of £95.
I do have a full risk assement statement available if required
(Teachers and adult helpers are not charged if in a supervising position)
For further information please contact me directly.


Charmouth nestles between the towering cliffs of Black Ven and Stonebarrow and has great accessto the beach. Lots of car parks and two cafes. The walk from Charmouth lasts about 2 hours and I begin with a talk about the fossils and show examples of those that can be found locally on the beach.
The opening talk about the fossils lasts about 20 minutes.
(If you all start to look bored I can speed this up)
We then go onto the beach to start looking for fossils and what you find you can keep. The walk is not difficult and is ideal for small children but please have good footware, no flipflops. When I have finished you can stay on searching for fossils or you can walk to Lyme Regis and get the bus back to Charmouth. 
The fossil hunt takes about two hours.(Private Fossil Hunt is £85 and includes a complimentary fossil indentification chart)

"If you fail to find a fossil on the walk then I will give you one"!

Where do the private Charmouth walks start from?
The walks in Charmouth start from the wooden pedestrian bridge that can be found at the bottom of the first large car park on the left as you drive down to the shore.Just wait where all the ducks congregate and I will be there.


The walks from Lyme Regis will give you a chance to look round the old historic town. There are three fossil shops in Lyme Regis and two fossil museums. There is also a choice of restaurants and coffee shops which I can arrange to meet at and give the brief talk about the Jurassic coast befor fossil hunting.

Lyme Regis Fossil Walks Meeting Point

I meet at the large old sea anchor monument at the bottom of the town next to the town clock and Rock Point Inn.

If you would like to start from a Cafe or restaurant please let me know.

We meet in a cafe for coffee and I give you a talk about the Jurassic Coast there.

Guided Fossil Walks From Lyme Regis

Walk 1."A Guided Fossil Hunt & Walk  to Black Ven"
To the east of Lyme Regis are the dark cliffs of Black Ven. The shoreline is a great place for finding ammonites, belemnites and seaglass. There are some large ammonites to be seen on the beach. Black Ven is the largest mud slide in Europe. Mary Annings grave can be visited on this walk. The initial part of the walk is flat and on sand. Many ichthyosaurs have been found in the ledges of this part of the Jurassic coast. On this walk you can safely walk the shore  from Lyme Regis  to Charmouth and catch the bus back to Lyme Regis.

Walk 2."A Guided Fossil Hunt & Walk To The Ammonite GraveYard"
A private guided fossil hunt and walk to the Ammonite Graveyard from the Cobb Lyme Regis. I can arrange for the walk to start at the famous "By The Bay Restaurant." We meet here for a talk about the fossils and the Jurassic coast, and then it a walk to the ammonite graveyard and to follow and some fossils. The walk is subject to the tides.
I start the fossil hunt with a  talk about the fossils with examples of those found locally.
From the restaurant it is about a thirty minute amble to visit the "Ammonite Graveyard" and on route I will demonstate the Cobb's famous "Whispering Wall"!
The fossil hunt is ideal for all ages and hopefully you  will  find some fossils.
The cost of the private fossil hunt is £85 for the group. In order to reach the Amonite Graveyard we do have to cross some jagged areas of the beach.You will need good footware and (hopefully not) a rain coat.



The Guide-Nigel J.Clarke
Nigel Clarke is an established and award winning local author who regularly contributes to magazines and journals. He is the author of the best selling fossil guide to the area.
He has appeared on both the BBC and local radio and had numerous articles published about the Jurassic Coast and regularly gives talks to clubs and associations.


Nigel has been guiding groups along the Jurassic coast for over 20 years and was a Coastguard at Lyme Regis and when younger an RNLI Life Boat launcher.
In recent years he has been able to hide four people in his left ear!

"Lyme Bay Fossils:A Beach Guide"
Available through this web site.
£4.00 inclusive of postage

"Mary Anning 1799-1847:A life on the rocks"
A biography about the life of Mary Anning. This is a factual account of her life and includes a section about her most famous find of an ichthyosaur.
£4.00 inclusive of postage
(Also available via Amazon as a digital title)

February  2017.Fossil Hunter's Diary.

I have taken several groups out fossil hunting and we have found a variety of fossils. One
client found a beautiful Fools Gold Ammonite. Each section of the Ammonite wall had been encrusted with small cubic cystals of sparkling iron pyrite.
Although most fossils are found on the beach by looking closely at the old town walls (built from the local jurassic stone) it is possible to find many fossils with out going on the shore.
Mary Anning's grave is located to the side of St Micheal's church and in recent years the grave has become  decorated with fossils placed there by visitors to the area and her grave is worth a visit.
The BBC are filming the extraction and preperation of a large Ichthyosaur fossil, discovered to the west of Lyme Regis the filming will take place covering the whole process from discovery to extraction and the preperation of the fossil for display.
This is a very long and exacting process. I am not sure when this programme will go out but it will be very interesting and will feature local fossil consrvationists
I now have the help of another local fossil guide Jim Thomas.Jim was an award winning local geology and geography teacher and has a great knowledge of the Jurassic coast.
I  have been doing a few fossil walks this month but the weather has often been damp wet and foggy but there has been little rough seas.
Last weekend I met a pair of Manchester based fossil hunters trying to extract a large ammonite from a solil block of limestone rock on the beach to the west of Lyme Regis.They had been there for over six hours with a small hammer and chisel. It was getting dark and even when they had managed to cut the ammonite from the rock they then faced the problem of carrying a 90 lb block of limestone along a slippery rock strewn beach a mile to the car that's determination.

If you are thinking of booking a fossil hunting walk then do book early as the peak periods do tend to go quickly. I have a list of recommended places to stay on the site.

I do have a range of local Jurassic ammonites for sale. Please let me know if you are interested and I can send picture via an email of what is available.

Nigel J Clarke

Jurrasic Coast Fossil £2.99 includes postage

I have launched a new booklet “Jurassic Coast Fossils.” This booklet has taken three months to write and edit and covers all aspects of fossil hunting on the Jurassic coast. I have a section about Mary Anning and another with regards the strange industrial process of manufacturing alum. This involves large amouts of jurassic shale and copious quantities of human urine. How anyone invented this process is beyond my imagination. There is also an article about the Jurassic fossil collection on display at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff and lots of information about finding and collecting fossils.

I have a number of open public fossil hunts on during the school holidays in summer. The details and dates are shown on this web site.

Stone Balancing: Black Ven, Charmouth.



2016 January

East Beach Charmouth. The New Year Rock Fall.



28th April to Sunday 1st May 2016

Paul Crossley with his collections of fossils for sale
at Lyme REgis Fossil Festival


The best place to search for sea glass is the East Beach at Lyme Regis. Above this beach was once the rubbish tip for Lyme Regis. The shingle has lots of sea rolled glass. All sorts of bits emerge from this old tip and last year I had a group who found 38 francs and 200 lira  but alas no gold coins.
I have always been puzzled that I can find all colours of sea glass on the beach with one exception red seaglass. I recently found out that to make red glass you have to add gold to the molten mixture which makes it a prohibitively expensive glass to make. The only people who use large quantaties of red glass are Ventian glass blowers and there are not many of them on the Jurassic Coast. A friend of mine who makes seaglass jewellery has taken to seeding the beach with glass marbles to increase the supply. I will now startlooking for glass marbles.


February Storm 2014: Lyme Regis


While researching the biography on Mary Anning I discovered that the verse:

"She sells sea shells on the sea shore"

The tongue twister was written about Dorset's first lady of fossils.
Mary  must have been an interesting woman. Largely self educate, left school at the age of 11 and became the world's most famous fossil hunter. She was besoted about her dog called "Tray" which died in a rockfall on the cliffs.
The tongue twister written about her is below:

"She sells sea shells on the seashore
The shells she sells are sea shells, I'm sure.
So if she sells sea shells on the sea shore
Then I'm sure she sells sea shore shells." 


I have decided to instigate a competition .
I would like any one out there to write a limerick starting with line:

"There was once called a dog called Tray.........

or send me a Dinosaur or Fossil Joke

The best entry (which makes me laugh)I  will be put on the site and you will win a signed copy of: "Mary Anning 1799-1847:A life on the rocks"

My attempt

Ode to Tray
There once was a dog called Tray
Who was walking the cliffs one day.
While digging a bone
With  Mary,alone
A mud fall washed him away!

At last a winning entry by
Rhona Mead

There once was a dog called Tray
Who with fossils wanted to play
He dug and he dug
But just found a bug
Who bit him and then ran away!

Alternative verse

She sells sea shells
On the sea shore
She sells sea shells for lots of cash
Which is why she is not poor!

Fossil Jokes
What do you call a Dinosaur with glasses?

What do you call a Dinosaur with a hearing problem?


How Many Dinosaurs does it take to change a light bulb?
(suggestions welcome..............)


The Chesil Beach Watch
If you would like to see a daily picture of the weather and sea on the Chesil Beach then have a look at this site.

Each day they take a picture and load it onto their web site: